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What good is being good at what you do if no one knows about it?

How can you show others your unique value when you struggle to put it into words?

Why should your ideal client choose YOU when you can't differentiate yourself from your competition? 

LinkedIn Profiles Viewed Daily
Recruiters use LinkedIn to vet candidates
Generate more b2b leads from LinkedIn
LinkedIn Profiles Viewed Daily
Recruiters use LinkedIn to vet candidates
Generate more b2b leads from LinkedIn

Today's delay is yesterday's missed opportunity.

Without a polished, professionally crafted LinkedIn profile, you risk not being taken seriously. Upgrading your professional online presence helps to: 

  • Make the right connections, expand your network of resources, attract your ideal clients, and grow your business

  • Pinpoint your unique value and package it more attractively

  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile for better SEO results

  • Rank higher in Recruiter Lite

  • Create a powerful personal brand message that gets the attention and respect you deserve

  • Tell your brand story by making the best use of visual profile features (profile banners, headshots, & attachments)

  • Attract new employment opportunities and get paid what you're worth!

  • Make the absolute best first impression and establish instant credibility with your audience

This (before)
or This (after)
This (before)
or This (after)
Which impression would you rather make:
Upgrade your personal brand.
Upgrade your results.

My services have helped my clients:

  • Find their competitive edge

  • Obtain business opportunities with organizations like the NFL, Florida State University, and The Huffington Post

  • Land clients like Netflix, HBO,, Audi, and ClubCorp

  • Increase lead generation on LinkedIn by 4x monthly average

  • Achieve LinkedIn Top 1% Ranked in Industry & Network

  • Better network and connect with desirable employers

  • Improve their online social business communication skills and tactics

To avoid sending your target audience straight into the arms of your competition, you need a strong professional online presence on LinkedIn; one that brands you well and markets your products or service in the most compelling, interesting way.

And you need to feel 100% confident about the quality of your LinkedIn profile because the right people are looking for you, your product, or service.

And when those people find you on LinkedIn, will you be ready?

All of these elements need to work together harmoniously to tell your brand story:
  • Your profile banner
  • Your headshot
  • Your headline
  • Your about summary
  • Attachments you include
  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Your content (posts & articles)
  • Your company or showcase page
  • Your website

Give your message a chance to be heard by those who need to hear it.

What doesn't work: 

1. Generic writing that doesn't excite, inspire, and motivate your audience to take action.

2. Pretty descriptions stuffed with keywords alone is not what will make you stand out, nor does it connect you with your ideal audience. The problem with just sounding good is that it simply doesn't work, nor does it produce results.


3. Disconnected branding that send confusing, unclear messages. 

What does work:

1. Taking "hope" out of the equation by creating a brand message that resonates with your target audience. You are unique. And you are the main attraction of your story. Your profile is a conversation and it should tell your story in a way that creates an instant connection. 


2. Strategy backed by a proven system that involves knowing your unique value, how it helps your audience, and how to speak directly to them on their level.


3. Understanding how to leverage the technology of the platform to give you the best chance possible of reaching your desired audience.

The Luxury Difference:

I bring a unique approach to writing profiles by blending my combined experience as a copywriter, storyteller, and marketer. As a trained Direct Response Copywriter paired with a marketing and business development background across various industries, I not only deliver superior branding so that your profile becomes an efficient and effective business and marketing tool, I also provide coaching options to help my clients use LinkedIn more strategically after their upgrade is complete.

I don't work with templates or simply plug in information you completed from a questionnaire. As a storyteller of people and brands, getting to know you on a professionally intimate level is the only way to create an authentic brand.

I deliver personalized service that results in:

  • More enticing profile headlines

  • On-brand banner designs

  • About summaries that send the right message to the right audience

  • Value-packed, trust building branding that drives action

  • Fully optimized LinkedIn profiles from top to bottom

With flexible service offerings, it's easy to get exactly what you need to make the impact you want.

Take a look:

"Choosing to work with Janine Hogan on my LinkedIn business profile was one of the best decisions I’ve made to move my business presence to the next level, and then the next level again! She is meticulous when it comes to drilling down, finding the BEST parts of what you do, and then to position your strengths in a place where you really get noticed. That’s when the real connections to more business started to happen. She has opened up several new territories of business for me. I highly recommend using Janine Hogan to build you a rock solid LinkedIn profile that will UP YOUR GAME!!"

- Joe A., Professional Photographer & Filmmaker​

Why you?
Why me?

There's an entrepreneurial spirit in us all and it is often fueled by passion. Not much in this world would exist without entrepreneurs. The facts are, you are the secret sauce to improving our daily lives and how we work. And your value deserves to be showcased in the best light possible so that people will be drawn to you above all others. I genuinely want to help you succeed because when you do, the world can benefit from your product, service, or talent. 

Because like you, I am extremely passionate about what I do. And as an entrepreneur, I completely understand the challenges you face when it comes to marketing yourself. I love writing and I love stories. I've always been a storyteller AND a marketer. Learning about what people do or create and being able to transcend that into a powerful story that shares that knowledge with others is my way of helping you help those who need you. Plus, there's nobody who will work harder for you than me. Mediocrity is not an option. I don't know how to deliver anything other than exceptional work.

From those I've helped:


Janine Hogan provides professional copywriting, LinkedIn coaching, and content writing services for entrepreneurs and LinkedIn members.

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