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LinkedIn Content You Didn't Know You Needed.

I can’t tell you how many times I am asked the question – how much content should I post on LinkedIn? And how often should I post?

Let me just say that just because you want to post 3 or 4 times a day doesn’t mean you should.

Simply put: post what you feel passionate about and what you enjoy writing about. If you care about it, others will, too.

And remember the golden rule - quality over quantity.

If you are posting content just to post something, you’re better off holding off until it's something good because it can potentially backfire on you and turn people off. Not to mention, if you're producing content yourself and you don't have a team running your content, you can very easily burn yourself out trying to keep up with the content Joneses.

Now, not everything you post, even if you believe it’s tremendously valuable, is going to resonate with your viewers. There is no magic formula to what gets more views than another. But what you want to remember is that what you post reflects you and your brand or your employer.

So a good rule of thumb is - don’t post if it’s crap! Wait until you’ve got something you care about and want to share with your audience because it matters to you.

And when I say don’t post crap, what I mean is - don’t post things like:

“Just another day at the office”


“Hey, what’s everyone working on today?”

Those are just posts to post something. They have no strategy or provide value to anyone.

And having a content strategy in place is key, because you want to be consistent but not overbearing, and you don’t want to go weeks or months without posting. So having a plan in place for the types of content you will create along with a timeline for posting is always beneficial.

LinkedIn has helped content creators with the release of Creator Mode.

Creator Mode gives content creators the ability to grow their audience by extending the reach for discoverability. When people view your profile, they no longer have to feel the "pressure" of having to connect with you, but can choose to follow you instead. And adding #hashtags to your profile will help grow your audience in a more targeted way because they represent the key topics they can expect from your content.

Now, I’m going to share my favorite go-to’s for posting content on LinkedIn. But before I do, let me just share this with you - the best content you can put out there is content your audience will want to engage with and share. It is the stuff that will help them, not you. So, here we go …

Conversation is King on LinkedIn

Put yourself out there and have a conversation with your audience. By doing that you open the gate for them to ask questions and make comments. When they do that, it gives you even more content ideas because they are giving you what’s important to them. You can then create relevant conte