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Client Testimonials

Find out what it's like working with Janine Hogan Copywriting. Business owners, marketing executives, and creative entrepreneurs share their experience working with Janine.


Examples of Janine's work are available by request only. 

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"If you’re wondering if Janine Hogan is the right choice to help you with your LinkedIn or Copywriting endeavor, the answer is absolutely yes! I found Janine online while searching for someone to help build my LinkedIn account and organize my thoughts and messaging. Her profile, and my intuition, suggested she was a true professional and the one I wanted to work with—I was right! During our first zoom meeting, Janine asked brilliant questions which actually made me dig deeper to provide the answers. Her questions made me realize there’s a better way for me to share my message. I confidently recommend Janine and Hogan Copywriting. I look forward to my next project with her". 

- Michael Brand, Founder, Brand Offerings, LLC

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"I had the best experience working with Janine! She took the time needed without rushing to truly dive deep into what made me unique. She understood and connected with me and my vision in the most incredible way! She has the ability to magically put together my thoughts and words into writing an action-driven message that describes exactly what I want to say. I call her LinkedIn Luxury! She is super knowledgeable about the techniques I can use to maximize the use of my LinkedIn and grow my network. I am beyond happy with the results I got right after she did the whole makeover of my Linkedin profile! I received so many messages and have connected with several potential people and businesses that I can help! I also get so many weekly profile views! As a LinkedIn Recruiter user myself I realized that Janine truly knows how to use the right keywords that help Hiring Managers find you faster when doing a search! Thank you, Janine! To say that you are the best is honestly an understatement!". 

- Luisa Niakan, Founder & CEO, Touchstone Professionals

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"Janine is a genius at identifying a client’s personal brand and crafting a LinkedIn profile that stands out. I recently worked with Janine to update my LinkedIn profile and resume. I was impressed by her genuine desire to help me. Janine is easy-going and made me feel comfortable right away. She first conducted a thorough discovery session then somehow took all the disparate information and crafted a cohesive profile. I feel proud to share my LinkedIn profile with the world now. As a bonus, her coaching session taught me some new LinkedIn tricks such as how to reply with a video message when someone connects with me. Janine is the person you should contact first when you are ready to take your LinkedIn profile and personal brand to the next level."

- Janet McQuarrie, Marketing Executive


"I selected Janine Hogan as our corporate copywriter because she is in the vanguard of marketing strategy and innovation for professional communicators. She doesn't simply just write and correct copy. She understands creative marketing and is able to analyze a business and create a strategy that renders the best solutions for corporate communication needs. The best words I use to describe her services are: Outstanding, Incisive, Amazing, Magnetizing, Wonderful, Deliberate, Alluring, Captivating, Powerful, Dynamic, Factual, Honest, Sound, and of course, Money Making. I highly recommend Janine Hogan Copywriting to anyone looking to enhance or create their business messaging not only on LinkedIn, but for your websites, along with all your publicly circulated collateral materials."

- Stan Kelly, Owner, Othall Partners, LLC

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"Janine's professionalism is beyond rapport. Some of my challenges as I approached rebuilding my new website were getting the verbiage I was looking for to express not only my passion for the industry I am in, but also my expertise and the value I bring to my clients. The placement of the verbiage was also key to this venture. Along with being an expert with writing effective copy, Janine has a great visual eye and also knows how to best collaborate with her clients in a thorough creative marketing process that dives deep into all aspects of your business. She got me thinking about key elements for my business, what makes me unique, and gave me ideas that I would never have thought of. She is extremely creative and thinks outside the box! If you need someone who can help you stand out from your competition, Janine can get the job done!"

- Marcus Taylor, Founder & Executive Producer, Taylorvisions, LLC

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"Janine worked on my LinkedIn profile and the results have been amazing. I have been told multiple times by CEOs that my profile is professional and gives them an insight into my career journey. Before Janine, I was only receiving 1 inbound lead a month now, after my LinkedIn makeover, I am seeing 4-5 inbound leads. I had a very hard time putting my achievement on my profile but Janine was able to do it. It was a great experience working with her and I will be using her again in the near future."

- Brett Houck, Digital Media Consultant, CEO of Gray Harbor Digital

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