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Benefits of Upgrading Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn

Without a polished, professionally crafted LinkedIn profile, you risk not being taken seriously. Upgrading your professional online presence helps to:

  • Make the right connections, expand your network of resources, attract your ideal clients, and grow your business

  • Pinpoint your unique value and package it more attractively

  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile for better SEO results

  • Rank higher in Recruiter Lite

  • Create a powerful personal brand message that gets the attention and respect you deserve

  • Tell your brand story by making the best use of visual profile features (profile banners, headshots, & attachments)

  • Attract new employment opportunities and get paid what you're worth!

  • Make the absolute best first impression and establish instant credibility with your audience

LinkedIn is not like other social media platforms. This is the professional zone. The place where people, employers, recruiters, and potential clients will come to seek you out and vet you before doing business with you. To avoid sending your target audience straight into the arms of your competition, you need a strong professional online presence on LinkedIn; one that brands you well and markets your products or service in the most compelling, interesting way.

And you need to feel 100% confident about the quality of your LinkedIn profile because the right people are looking for you, your product, or service.

And when those people find you on LinkedIn, will you be ready?

Create the bigger picture by aligning all elements of your profile as a marketing tool like this:


Well-branded banners help to introduce your story. They act like the book cover of your profile. It's a great place for a tagline, benefit statement, logo, your title, contact info., special offer, etc. Steer clear of generic banners that don't speak to your personality or brand. The images chosen should reflect the message and help develop intrigue.


Should be energized, layered with keywords for SEO (but not just keywords because that's a major snooze), and show your value. The best headlines are designed to set you apart from everyone else in your industry or field.

About Summary

Write your summary in first person to make it more personal, like a conversation. Include your value or superpower and what makes you unique. Balance story telling with action-driven content that builds trust and ultimately gets your ideal audience to make a move. Make sure the message is clear and avoid any confusion. You should be able to answer "why you?" before they even ask it.


Back up your summary with results. Avoid putting descriptions of the company in your experience section. Think of this section as less than a resume and more as the proof. This is where you can expand on what you promised in your about summary. It's also a great section for SEO if you use relevant keywords.


Optimize your skills for the specific things you want to be known for or searched for. Avoid dumping everything but the kitchen sink into this section. Keep a clear vision on your skillset and attributes. These are the the areas of expertise or experience you want to contribute and want others to come to you for.