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The All New
Confident on Video 

Shed your nerves for good and take your video content and virtual business communications to the next level by getting more comfortable in front of the camera. Learn the techniques that make highly-trained actors so confident and poised on camera so you can dominate with video!

This 3-part series will leave you with the following:


​Part 1

  • Do's & Don'ts for video content

  • How to get comfortable and bring your energy

  • How to communicate with your audience using the camera

Part 2 

  • Using the technology 

  • Setting the background

  • Better camera angles & body positioning

  • Where to find affordable stock images & music 

  • Editing tips

  • Produce and submit a video for critique

Part 3

  • Feedback on your video 

  • How to come up with great content ideas for LinkedIn

  • Q&A and wrap up


COST: $175

Beauty Vlogger

Space is limited - Reserve your spot now. 

You're in! Your spot is reserved. You will receive more information soon.

"The future of content creation is video. These days, everybody is on camera."
-Janine Hogan


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