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The Top 5 reasons to Outsource a Professionally Written LinkedIn Profile.

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

If there is any doubt that you are not getting the most out of LinkedIn, or you are struggling to get more clients, connections, and sales, then your profile may be the culprit.

Ask yourself these questions and be 100% honest with your answers:

- Does your LinkedIn profile sound like the best version of who you are and what you do?

- Does it offer tons of value for your target audience?

- Are you proud to have CEO’s, top executives, and decision-makers view your current profile?

- Are you satisfied with coming across as mediocre and getting lost to the vast sea of professionals who already have a more impressive profile than you?

- Are you getting the right connections for your business?

- Are you chasing after your connections or are they attracted to you by what they read in your profile?

- Does it have the right call-to-action?

- Do you wish that your profile could simply be better but don’t know how to do yourself?

With over 500 million professionals using LinkedIn, and that number is rising, it is foolish to ignore the opportunity to leverage your profile to help you earn more business. After all, your LinkedIn profile is the first point of contact a new connection has with you.

Wouldn’t it be wise to make the BEST first impression you possibly can?

Social Media Marketing for Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
LinkedIn is a powerful marketing tool for professionals.

When you have a professionally written profile, it shows your target audience that you know how to market yourself and that you care enough about THEM to invest in yourself. What I mean by that is, if you give them your best right from the start, then they will be more likely to trust that you will deliver the same results for them.

For example – if you show up for your first visit with a new dentist and you see that the doctor has terrible teeth, would you trust him or her to take good care of yours? Probably not.

Expect to be perceived the way you present yourself. When you don’t portray yourself as best-in-class, you won’t be able to attract the right clients for your business. And a poorly written profile is the first step towards being perceived in an undesirable way, which will cost your bottom-line.

Even if you earned just 1% of new business out of 500 million potential clients, what would that translate to in new revenue? Majority of you would agree that it would be worth it to invest in having a profile specialist write a more effective profile for you if it meant that type of potential gain.

Let’s look at the top five reasons that make hiring a LinkedIn profile specialist to craft your professional profile a smart decision for your business:

1. You’re too close to your business.

- When it comes to writing anything about yourself or your product or service, you wear blinders. Yes, you have tons of experience, knowledge, and passion for what you offer, and you want that to come across. But you run the risk of be too descriptive or creating a mixed message that can turn your viewer off. A professional writer who specializes in writing social media profiles will know how to prioritize the most important elements that position you as an expert in your field. And when businesses are looking for the product or service that you offer, they will choose the experts, not the amateurs.

- You won’t know what the highlight and why.

- Prioritizing everything about what’s important to include can be a daunting and overwhelming task.

- Most people want to talk about themselves when they should be focusing on the best possible message that will attract their desired audience instead.

2. Every word counts.

- Most business people are not good writers. They are good at business. They shouldn’t try to be writers, too. That’s like saying an orthopedic doctor can also perform brain surgery. And with a limited number of characters allowed in your profile, which includes every letter, space, and punctuation mark, you would have to be extremely skilled at writing short-hand messaging to convey a powerful message that gets your audience to take the desired action.

3. You should use it as a powerful marketing tool.

- If you want to get more out of your LinkedIn presence, then you need to position yourself as the best possible solution for your audience’s problem. And the way to do that is by marketing yourself as such. Mixed messages are the fastest way to send a potential client straight into the arms of a competitor.

- LinkedIn profiles should be fully optimized. Not only does Google pick them up in searches, but LinkedIn has a sophisticated internal search engine that makes it easy for potential clients to find exactly what you offer. If you’re not strategic with your keywords, then you may get lost in the mix.

4. You risk coming across as generic.

- If your goal is to get more business and opportunities using LinkedIn, and your profile just speaks to your qualifications and experience, you will never stand out among the millions of others who provide the same service you do without a well-crafted profile that differentiates you from everyone else.

5. Time is money.

- The most successful people in business know they can’t do everything. They became successful because they have put the right people in place to do the best job possible. Why should marketing yourself on LinkedIn be any different?

- You wouldn’t stop tending to your clients’ needs to try and find 10 or 15 hours to sit down and write your profile. Just think about what those hours cost you in lost business. Taking this task off your plate is a smarter move financially.

All in all, your goal should be to be among the elite on LinkedIn with a professionally written profile so that it can help you grow your business. The journey to getting there will be much shorter if your profile checks all the right boxes.

Not sure if your profile needs a transformation? Find out with a brief 15-minute LinkedIn profile review so that you can start using your profile to attract the right connections and potential clients.

About the Author

Janine Hogan

Would you like help in making LinkedIn one of your most powerful business marketing and professional networking tools? I'm on a mission to help entrepreneurs and business professionals better leverage their LinkedIn profiles and make the most of their connections. I start by transforming under-performing, uninspiring, unattractive LinkedIn profiles into SUPERCHARGED, scroll-stopping marketing tools that make you and your product or service stand out from the crowd.

You can start by emailing me at or connecting with me on LinkedIn.

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