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Be THE One.

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LinkedIn Profiles that Get You the Right Attention.

Writing is one of the most difficult things to do for yourself and your business. It is also the thing you depend on most, especially when it comes to building your online presence, establishing your worth, and attracting your ideal audience to you.


Your audience needs to know, like, and trust you before they will consider doing business with you. And with the over-saturated online competition all fighting for the same attention, you need to break through the noise to even have the chance to stand out.

It is the difference between:

 Consistently reaching your ideal audience with a clear message, or sending confusion. 

Effectively speaking to their wants and needs and positioning you as the best possible solution, or sending them away to find the right choice.  


Being recognized for your true value and being paid what you're worth or struggling to gain traction in your business or career.

So what's keeping you from upgrading your profile?


Comprehensive Personal Branding &

LinkedIn Solutions


From LinkedIn Profiles, LinkedIn Pages, website content, and ghost writing, you get everything you need to streamline your branding online and create continuity in your messaging to help attract your ideal clientele.


Your team members are your brand ambassadors. Profile Brand Alignment for your employees helps to streamline and communicate your organization's core values & message, build a loyal community, and expand brand awareness on LinkedIn.  

Job Seekers

With a LinkedIn Profile upgrade and a kick ass resume that makes you shine, you will soar to the top of searches on LinkedIn Recruiter Lite and get in front of your dream employers, recruiters, and HR executives.

College Graduates

Having just graduated, life may seem overwhelming. The job market can feel uncertain. Knowing how to market yourself makes it easier to get a job fast. Leveling up your LinkedIn Profile and sharpening your interview skills is the best way to show employers what you're capable of.

Your Success on LinkedIn begins with an impressive profile that brands you well.


You are valuable.  


Your product, service, and talent deserves to be known.  

You're the ONE who can get it done, better than anyone. 

But if nobody knows about you, your product, or your service, you will fail. 

The key to your success is visibility. 


If you're in business in any way, you should already be using LinkedIn. But without knowing how to optimize your personal profile and business pages to work for you as a branding tool, gaining the right attention and getting the connections you want and need can be a daunting task. 

Not only will you be branded as elite in class, you will attract more interest from your target audience and give you more confidence to reach out and connect with the people you really want to do business with. You will feel proud to have the LinkedIn icon on your website and be eager to direct visitors to your profile. 


Did you know...

LinkedIn's internal search engine rivals Google and Bing's and is the preferred search destination for professionals. With its more advanced search features that enable you to hyper-target potential clients, investors, or people you want to connect with, there is a massive opportunity for you to not only save time prospecting, but to make the right connections you need to help your business or career.    

I craft each profile so that it works strategically as a branding and marketing tool rich with the right keywords that help get you FOUND FIRST. Your value will stand out and speak to your desired audience in an authentic way that positions you and your business as the best choice for what they need.  


Janine Hogan provides professional copywriting, LinkedIn coaching, and content writing services for entrepreneurs and LinkedIn members.

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