Comprehensive Branding & LinkedIn Solutions for

Entrepreneurs, Organizations, and Job Seekers

With done-for-you or guided options available, along with flexible payment plans, creating a personal brand you can be proud of is not only affordable, but also necessary in today's overly saturated online market. You only get one shot at making the right first impression, and with businesses more virtual than ever, don't risk being overlooked because you struggle to package your unique value to the audience who needs it most.


The time to shine is today for tomorrow, you risk being overlooked. 

LinkedIn for Business
Business Owners

Everything you need to streamline your branding online and create continuity across your messaging to help attract your ideal clientele.

LinkedIn for Teams

Your team members are your brand ambassadors. Profile Brand Alignment for your employees helps to streamline and communicate your organization's core values & message, build a loyal community, and expand brand awareness on LinkedIn.  

LinkedIn for Job Seekers

With a LinkedIn Profile upgrade that makes you shine, you will soar to the top of searches on LinkedIn Recruiter Lite and get in front of your dream employers, recruiters, and HR executives.

LinkedIn can help get you the right attention,

when it's used correctly.  

Writing is one of the most difficult things to do for yourself and your business. It is also the thing you depend on most, especially when it comes to building your online presence, establishing your worth, and attracting your ideal audience to you.


Your audience needs to know, like, and trust you before they will consider doing business with you. And with the over-saturated online competition all fighting for the same attention, you need to break through the noise to even have the chance to stand out.

It is the difference between:

 Consistently reaching your ideal audience with a clear message, or sending confusion. 

Effectively speaking to their wants and needs and positioning you as the best possible solution, or sending them away to find the right choice.  


Being recognized for your true value and being paid what you're worth or struggling to gain traction in your business or career.

Personal Branding and Copywriting Services Include:

  • LinkedIn Profiles

  • Announcements

  • LinkedIn Company Pages

  • Team brand alignment

  • Website content 

  • Ghost writing

  • Letter writing

  • Status updates

  • Email communications

  • Direct messaging

  • Article writing

  • RFP's

  • And more! (we can even help write requests for raises and salary increases)

Not sure where to begin or what you need?

Not to worry! A great way to start is with a conversation. That is the best way to find out if working together makes sense. If you decide to move forward, a customized proposal will be provided based on your individual needs. To schedule a no-obligation consultation, you can email, call, or simply request a New Client Consultation here.

Janine Hogan provides professional copywriting, LinkedIn coaching, and content writing services for entrepreneurs and LinkedIn members.

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