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Copy Consulting

Transformations in Just 1 Hour!

Expert feedback, ideas, and guidance on how to make your copy and brand message stronger.

Does your copy need to detox?

How it Works

Better results through a simple, guided proccess.

  • You send the sales emails or marketing pieces you want to improve. (Rough works-in-progress are okay!)

  • We schedule a ZOOM meeting where I review the copy with you.

  • I show you the changes you need to make to improve the copy and get better results. (Think: more leads, conversions, sales.)

  • I’ll often come up with new headlines, benefit lines and other copy elements on the fly!

  • The consultation is recorded, so you can reference it later.


And the best part is, I block off time for copy consultations each week. So you can usually schedule a session that is convenient for you.

Schedule a Copy Tranformation Today

Your investment: Just $250 per hour. Most clients book a one or two-hour session. You’ll be surprised how much we can accomplish within the first 30-minutes. You’ll end up with a rejuvenated sales email, landing page, ad, or entire campaign that brings in more business.

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